Keeping Track of Your Finances


Keeping a track of your finances is pretty important in this day and age with inflation running riot and another shocking depression not far away. Regardless of how much you earn, if you aren’t prudent about where you spend your money, you won’t be able to become financially stable. For you to achieve financial stability and for you to achieve a peace of mind, you must take money advice so that you don’t end up spending too much money on things that you simply don’t need.


There are a number of areas where you simply can’t cut down your expenditure. Food, education, clothing etc are things that you can’t cut costs on. However, loans, insurance, utility bills and TV and broadband subscription charges are areas where you can save your money by making smart choices and by doing your research before making a decision.


Compare Before You Buy

Most of the monthly income is spent on paying back loans, on paying your monthly insurance fee, on paying your energy and telephone and other bills and on paying the internet and broadband fee. The thing that most people don’t realize is that how much impact their decision would have on their lives when they choose an energy provider, choose a telephone provider, choose an internet and broadband provider, choose an insurance plan and take a loan. Think if you would make prudent choices here rather than choosing the first company or plan that you come across, you could end up saving a lot of money.


There are a few reliable comparison sites which can help you in making informed decisions regarding the loan you want to take, the insurance coverage and plan you want, the broadband package you need etc. Comparison sites like [1] first take quotes from a wide variety of companies and then ask for your requirements. All deals that match your requirements are shown to you with all details listed so that you can compare each deal and decide which deal would prove best for you.


While comparing before you buy is a great idea, you should always only rely on reliable comparison websites who do a background check on the companies before they list their offers on their website.


Calculate Mortgage, Loans and Insurance through Calculators

Many people actually don’t get the amount they would have to pay monthly when they buy mortgage, take a loan or opt for a certain insurance cover.  This, as a result, impacts their monthly budget when the monthly instalments turn out to be higher than they anticipated. This is why it is recommended to use mortgage calculators, loan calculators and insurance calculators in order to find out the exact amount that you would have to pay for any deal before you accept the offer.


Find the right Money Transfer Deal

If you need to transfer money, then you will need to compare international money transfers services. Using an online service can save you £000’s compare to your high street bank and most online money transfer companies do not charge a transfer fee!

money transfers

Tips for Saving Money

You may believe that since the prices of almost every commodity has risen with time; you simply can’t control your costs and simply can’t adhere to your budget. This isn’t exactly true. There are a lot of things that you can do to cut costs. Here are the best tips for saving money so that you never exceed your budget.



Start using public transportation

Using public transportation can help you cut costs. It costs a lot less than cars and can help you in saving a great deal of money on gas. You might find the journey to work a lot more relaxing too as you would not have to drive or get stuck in traffic.

public transport


Make home-made gifts

It is often observed that we spent a great deal of money on buying gifts and presents for our loved ones. Now trying to save money doesn’t mean that you should not give gifts but you can at least make them at home. You will be surprised how economical home-made gifts really are.



Be on the lookout for vouchers and sales

When you do go shopping, look for sales and buy your clothing and other items of need from such stores that are offering some kind of discount on their products. Moreover, find out about coupons and try to get your hands on them to get great discounts on groceries and other items.



Plan holidays within your county

Instead of planning vacations to exotic locations and dumping all of your savings in a few days, you can spend them on an in-state location that you have not visited till now. This is going to save up cash and you will get to explore more of your own state as well.